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Email Responses

Thank you for reaching out! We received your email regarding checking on family member(s)' locations after the recent tornado.

The majority of the damages sustained from the tornado were to the maintenance building and sections 8, 9, 15, 20 and 21. We currently have contractors in the Cemetery working on removing the large amount of trees that were damaged by the tornado.

In order to allow the contractors to most effectively assist us in the clean-up process, we are not able to check on individual stones in the affected areas yet. As soon as we are able to enter the sections and verify each request in the coming days, we will be responding to all email requests for information.

We have noted your family member(s)' names and locations and will get back to you as soon as we can.

We absolutely understand wanting to check on your family! We appreciate your patience and understanding!


Dayton Memorial Park Cemetery

Community Thank You

As you are aware, the southwest corner of Dayton Memorial Park Cemetery was severely damaged by one of the 21 tornadoes that struck the Greater Dayton area on the evening of Monday, May 27, 2019, Memorial Day. Earlier that day, hundreds of individuals visited Dayton Memorial Park Cemetery to pay their respects to friends and family members laid to rest here.

The following morning we had no choice but to close the Cemetery, for safety reasons, due to the large amount of debris on the ground and caught in trees. It became apparent very quickly that given the catastrophic damage and tremendous amount of debris deposited by the tornado we needed to reach out to the owners of the cemetery and the entire community for assistance. 

As a not for profit organization, Dayton Memorial Park Cemetery is owned by the families who own plots here.  Local community members are elected by these owners to serve on the Board of Trustees and in turn, the Trustees employ the General Manager and all other staff.  It was only logical that we would reach out to the families as they are likely most concerned about the condition of the Cemetery and ultimately, to the entire community for assistance.

To our amazement, over 500 volunteers answered the call to pitch in. The Vandalia/Butler Chamber of Commerce lent a big helping hand by supplying and cooking, a hot dog and hamburger lunch for all.

We would also like to recognize the following local businesses that also showed their community spirit by donating many items: Lowes, North Dixie Hardware, and Cintas for several hundred pairs of gloves and Sam’s Club for 500 bottles of water and 2 cases of trash bags.

The Board of Directors and Staff at Dayton Memorial Park would like to extend our most sincere thanks to all of those individuals who showed up for this unexpected tragedy and proved to the entire nation that we are “Dayton Strong.”


Please Support Our Special Projects!

Detailed Projects Letter
Donor Card

Flag Poles to Honor our Veterans Project: Section 22, needs Larger/Taller Flag Poles to replace the smaller/shorter flag poles now in existence. With your help, we can accomplish this goal sooner rather than later.

Section Identification Signage Project: We find that each generation is interested in their family/loved ones' burial sites. Our section identification signage is nearly non-existent or is badly in need of replacement. This identification signage helps all of our Cemetery supporters locate their loved ones. With your help, we can expedite this Section Identification Signage replacement project which will benefit everyone. Stop by our office to see a sample of the section identification signage or to chat with our staff about supporting this important project.

For more information contact:
Dayton Memorial Park at 937.890.1831 or


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