Dayton Memorial Park Cemetery and Mausoleum
8135 North Dixie Drive
Dayton, OH 45414
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Dayton Memorial Park Cemetery,
Mausoleums and Monument Sales

Vision: A Beautiful Place to Celebrate Life!

Mission: To provide a beautiful, respectful, and permanent resting place for the deceased, and for their families and friends to visit and pay their respects in a park-like setting.

Dayton Memorial Park Cemetery is a full service facility. Our services include: mausoleum entombment, cremains interment, or traditional burial. Specially dedicated areas are reserved for the interment of infants, veterans and their families.

Also available is a large selection of custom designed monuments and markers that will provide a beautiful and lasting memorial for you or your loved ones.

A variety of grave and headstone decorations are available for purchase, these range from: monument vases, to long lasting flower arrangements and monument-top saddle arrangements.

Wreaths Across America (See Article Here)


2018 Vandalia-Butler Chamber Nonprofit Organization of the Year


Please Support Our Special Projects!

Detailed Projects Letter
Donor Card

Flag Poles to Honor our Veterans Project: Section 22, needs Larger/Taller Flag Poles to replace the smaller/shorter flag poles now in existence. With your help, we can accomplish this goal sooner rather than later.

Section Identification Signage Project: We find that each generation is interested in their family/loved ones' burial sites. Our section identification signage is nearly non-existent or is badly in need of replacement. This identification signage helps all of our Cemetery supporters locate their loved ones. With your help, we can expedite this Section Identification Signage replacement project which will benefit everyone. Stop by our office to see a sample of the section identification signage or to chat with our staff about supporting this important project.

Spring Clean-Up Deadline
March 18, 2019

Dayton Memorial Park Cemetery and Mausoleum staff will begin spring grounds clean up on March 18, 2019. All items that families wish to preserve must be removed from the ground before this date. Any item remaining after this date will be disposed of (excluding those monuments with special designation).  In addition to items on the ground, all unsightly, faded or damaged floral arrangements will be removed.

For more information contact:
Dayton Memorial Park at 937.890.1831 or


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8135 North Dixie Drive
Dayton, OH 45414
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